About Us

About Us

Welcome to Bestnongamstopcasinos, the premier site for comprehensive reviews and insights into online casinos and gambling platforms worldwide. We strive to be your trusted guide in navigating the vast landscape of international online casinos with diverse licensing.

Our team, composed of industry experts, software engineers and PhD graduates, along with our diligent community, present the latest and most detailed evaluation service. We aim to keep you abreast of the top new casinos, exciting game releases, and enticing bonus offerings. Moreover, we take our duty seriously to alert you about potential scam risks in the industry.

On Bestnongamstopcasinos, you’ll find exclusive and meticulously compiled reviews of significant online casinos. These include details on top bonuses, convenient payment methods, a variety of games, security measures, and supportive customer service. Plus, we even cover new gambling regulations across different countries.

Our dedicated team boasts an extensive background in the casino industry, contributing to an immense reservoir of gaming knowledge. We bring this wealth of information to you, our esteemed readers, with the intent to empower you to make informed decisions and optimise your gambling experience.

We take joy in sharing the insights we’ve gathered over the years, and we continue to learn more every day. Our goal is to ensure that our readers are always up to speed with the best and safest gambling options available in the digital world.

Our Team

Greetings, I am Richard Phillip

A resident of the UK with remarkable accomplishments in the field of business and economics. I am honoured to have earned a PhD from the world-renowned University of Cambridge in 2008, a revered institution where I also secured my Master’s degree. Attaining distinctions in demanding subjects such as Advanced Business Strategies and Economic Modelling has made my academic pursuit intellectually stimulating and gratifying..

Securing a PhD in Business and Economics, particularly from a high-ranking institution like Cambridge, demands intensive training. This rigorous academic experience equips an individual to produce excellent academic research and make significant contributions to their field. My strong academic foundation has provided me with a distinctive viewpoint and extensive knowledge, thereby empowering me to venture into atypical sectors like gambling with unmatched expertise and analytical insight.

My significant academic achievements, coupled with my passion for unravelling complex economic behaviours, urged me to analyse the intricacies of gambling through a unique lens, moulded by my profound understanding of business and economics. The fusion of my academic excellence, enriching mentorship experiences, and inherent interest in behavioural economics sets my journey apart.

Furthermore, my personal interest in the gambling industry led me to apply my academic and professional skills in this area, resulting in the creation of comprehensive reviews of online operators. This endeavour enables me to aid players in identifying suitable casino and betting operators that align with their preferences. By integrating my business and economics expertise with my interest in the gambling industry, I have managed to create a unique and valuable guide for players navigating the online gambling world.

Hello there, I’m John Davies

A UK resident. I studied software engineering in America. I am privileged to hold a PhD from the globally recognised Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where I also pursued my Master’s degree. My academic journey, marked by exceptional performance in challenging subjects like Algorithm Analysis and Distributed Systems, has been both intellectually enriching and deeply fulfilling.

My academic journey, combined with my passion for understanding complex computational systems, has prompted me to explore the world of online gaming and gambling from a unique vantage point, informed by my in-depth knowledge of software engineering. The combination of my academic acumen, enriching mentorship experiences, and inherent interest in computational intelligence has given my journey a distinctive edge.

My personal interest and passion for the online gambling industry has inspired me to join the team here at Bestnongamstopcasinos. I have applied my academic and professional knowledge along with the rest of the team to comprehensively review all various online operators. With this knowledge we hope you can find exactly what operator suits you. Enjoy!

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